Generate Word documents from Java

A highly extensible framework, fully integrated with Eclipse

  • Breaking news - September 2020

    Issue found with latest Eclipse releases (202006 and 202009) due to latest Java version


    Please check our Forum (Community section) if you have some issues during project creation with latest Eclipse or Java release


Connect to any environment or application accessible from Java

Open source enablers and generic Generators are already available for:
  • All applications based on Eclipse Modeling Framework
  • All applications based on Eclipse Sirius (with a dedicated enabler for Capella MBSE tool)
  • UML tools: Eclipse Papyrus and IBM Rational Software Architect
  • Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler
You can of course develop your own enablers!

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A very
simple language... generate
high-quality Word documents


With only 30 keywords added to the Java world,
generating Word documents has never been so easy

Design complex tables

  • Quick design of basic tables
  • Advanced shading, sizing,...
  • Vertical merging


  • Define Templates for common patterns
  • Organize Functions and Templates in Modules, to be re-used in any Generator
  • Define style names to be mapped with styles from any Word stylesheet (dotx)

Include manual parts

As it is not always possible to generate 100% of a document, you can specify parts that will be managed manually and saved when regenerating the document.

Include other languages

  • Framework to transform any documentation language (HTML, wiki...) into pxDoc
  • HTML conversion is provided out-of-the-box

pxDoc is


With its simple language, pxDoc aims at boosting your productivity:
  • it is easy to learn and implement
  • it is easy to maintain (readibility of the code)


In real life you need:
  • To re-use your corporate Word templates and stylesheets
  • To specify "manual parts" that will not be erased when re-generating the document


A powerful engine integrated with the Java world:
  • Fully integrated in Eclipse (auto-completion, correction, debugging...)
  • its engine can create thousands of pages and documents in seconds

Success story: "pxDoc has fulfilled all of our expectations"



« We did not expect much from a documentation generator, but we chose pxDoc because it was the only tool able to fulfill all of our very specific and custom requirements from Space International Standards and internal CNES standards.

We have generated about 300 specifications with pxDoc, which represent tens of thousands of pages of useful and up-to-date documentation.

Hundreds of hours have been saved

Read the full interview

A powerful integration with JAVA

Integrated with JAVA

  • Design complex scripts, without limitation 
  • Get the power of any Java component available
  • Link to any data accessible with Java from Business applications, databases, open data sources,...

Highly extensible

pxDoc is designed to be integrated in any environment:
  • You can easily taylor the generation launching wizard, extend the available language renderers...
  • Implement your own enablers, diagram providers, language renderers for your specific environment

Full IDE capabilities

  • Automatic completion
  • Automatic validation
  • Fully integrated in with JAVA and Xtext frameworks

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Debugging Capabilities

pxDoc generators can be launched in debug mode, with all eclipse debug capabilities (step-by-step debugging, variables inspection, ...).

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pxDoc not a Wysiwyg tool

Wysiwyg tools are limited

  • Limited data sources
  • Limited development tooling (debugging, completion...)
  • Limited query systems and algorithmic
  • Limited Word features (cell merging…)

With pxDoc, everything is possible

  • Access to any kind of data
  • A complete development environment with completion, validation, debugging
  • Use the power of Java/Xtext/...
  • Covers from basics to advanced Word features

pxDoc is not an API

APIs are too complex

  • Development skills to deal with low-level technical details
  • Long learning curve (hundreds of classes)
  • Maintenance / Readability
  • Excessive delivery lead time

pxDoc is efficient

  • High-level and technical agnostic language keywords 
  • Only 30 keywords to learn 
  • A dedicated simple thus powerful language 
  • Develop your generators in a few minutes or hours only

Community and Open-source add-ons

The pxDoc team is happy to provide you with prompt and free support in the public forum!
Open source resources are also available on our Community site:
- Open source connectors to common data sources
- Free samples and support from our Community