Release notes

pxDoc 1.1.1

  • Fix issues and improve HTML language renderer
  • Improve diagram management
    • Access to the source diagram object
    • Replace 'data' attribute by 'path' to get the diagram image

pxDoc 1.1.0

  • Easier project creation: possibility to specify the enabler and to include the common libraries directly from the project creation wizard.
  • Updated documentation for Project creation, new documentation for the pxDoc Common Libraries
  • New resources available on our Community Site

pxDoc 1.0.1

  • Modified language keyword:
    • The class: attribute is now used ONLY if the language name is provided via a variable
    • Refer to the updated documentation
  • Bug fixing
  • Better update site organization
  • Updated documentation
  • Updated and new examples

pxDoc 1.0

2018-04-05 - First released version.